Preventative Maintenance Packages

Find a Plan to Suit Your Needs and Budget

Strada Services is proud to offer three popular maintenance packages!

Why choose one of our Preventative Maintenance packages?

Maintain your air conditioning systems in top condition and prevent breakdowns.

Keep your system operating at a high efficiency to keep your utility costs down.

Less issues and service calls when your units are maintained properly.

Keep your HVAC manufacturer’s warranty valid by having it serviced by a licensed contractor.

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As easy as 1,2,3!



$140/ea for multiple units



$190/ea for multiple units



$250/ea for multiple units

Visits per year




Measure refrigerant levels

Check refrigerant condition

Measure system temperature split

Test Run capacitors

Test condenser motor amperes

Check fan blade

Test blower fan motor amperes

Check blower wheel

Test compressor windings

Check service valves and schrader cores

Check contactors and relay switches

Inspect condenser coil

Inspect wiring for wear and sun-rot

Tighten electrical connections

Inspect circuit boards

Inspect pressure safeties

Inspect service disconnect & fuses

Inspect condensate system and purge drain lines

Dust control compartment

Tighten loose screws

Replace missing screws

Replace line-set insulation, as needed

Inspect ductwork for leaks at unit

Check ductwork for leaks at unit

Check ductwork static pressure

Check air filter

Check thermostat

Indoor Air Quality Product Discount

10% off

15% off

15% off

Extended Warranty Discount (2 yrs old or less)

10% off

15% off

20% off

System Replacement Discount

5% off New AC System

7% off New AC System

10% off New AC System

Replacement Referral Gift Card

$50 gift card

$50 gift card

$100 gift card

*parts not included