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Strada Services is well-prepared to handle any challenges in a new construction setting. We work closely with residential home construction companies to streamline the building process and allow your investment to make money as soon as possible.

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Our Capabilities for New Construction Projects

New homeowners are demanding more from their homes than ever, especially with the advent of the work-from-home movement. They require their houses to be full of features and move-in ready, and Strada’s installation services ensure all preferences are met. Once you set the foundation and assemble the frame, our technicians will take care of some of the home’s most vital systems.

HVAC and Air Quality Services

When it comes to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in Birmingham, AL, we know the air quality of any residence is essential for all residents’ long-term health, especially children, older adults and other people at higher risk for respiratory issues. We take our role in maintaining comfort and health seriously by ensuring our heating and cooling systems also include purification technology when requested and offering a range of contamination solutions for areas with low air quality and high concentrations of dust, pollen and mold.

Electrical Installations

Electrical wirings and connections are constantly evolving with new specs and requirements to meet the needs of all the latest gadgets. Our electricians stay current with electrical guidelines so we can install the right fittings for new homes. We use industry-leading equipment and the best surge protection devices on the market to ensure safe and effective installations.

Plumbing Installations

Durable, high-performance plumbing requires firsthand knowledge of building configurations and current industry guidelines. Strada Services stays up to date on the latest industry regulations to ensure our installation practices align with the most current knowledge. Furthermore, our work puts us in the perfect position to implement sustainable water practices and help future tenets or property owners save money on water use by prioritizing conservation without sacrificing usage needs.

Why Choose Strada?

As a licensed and bonded company, we train our technicians until they’re experts in every aspect of their area of study, ensuring your builders receive the full weight of our knowledge on every project we work on. We come to every job site prepared to provide an array of dependable and quality services for new builds.

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At Strada Services, we recognize the importance of a residential property that meets all the latest electrical, plumbing and air quality regulations, and we excel in safe, efficient installations that keep you on schedule and within budget. Connect with us today and make an appointment so we can learn more about your project and start working with you right away.