Air Conditioning Services in North Port, FL and Surrounding Areas

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1090 Technology Ave # B North Port, FL 34289

*Some services are not available for all zip codes. Please use the Service Area Locator to check which services are covered for your zip code
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The Strada Air Conditioning, Heating, Electric & Security team prioritizes your comfort by ensuring your air conditioning and electrical systems work efficiently. Our certified technicians provide various air conditioning services in North Port, Florida and surrounding areas, including inspecting your unit’s health or upgrading your system. Our service capabilities include AC units, heat pumps, ductless air conditioners and various electrical systems.

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Cooling and Heating Repair, Maintenance and Installation Services

Servicing your air conditioners and heat pumps keeps your interior cool and comfortable year-round. Maintaining them also helps:

  • Improve your indoor air quality
  • Provide better energy efficiency
  • Increases system performance and longevity

Our air conditioning and testing services encompass installing and working on various cooling and heating systems tailored to your needs.

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North Port AC Service

Air conditioning offers the ultimate reprieve from hot and humid conditions. Preventive maintenance prepares your existing system to perform optimally when the balmy season starts. Repairs may help your system get up and running fast if a sudden breakdown happens.

Our expert technicians repair and service a range of cooling systems, including:

  • Heat pumps
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Ductless systems

North Port Heating Service

You need a reliable heating system to keep your home or business cozy when it gets colder. Strada Air Conditioning & Heating has the necessary experience to maintain and install heat pumps or other heating systems to make even the chilliest day comfortable indoors.

Heat pumps are dependable cooling and heating systems, particularly suited for many southern states, including Florida. Our technicians ensure you get the most out of your system with these services:

  • Maintenance: Regular inspections and cleaning help extend your unit’s life span. Maintaining your heat pump before significant issues arise can help you keep service costs low.
  • Repairs: Heat pumps are vital to your comfort during hot and chilly days, so malfunctions are inconvenient and uncomfortable. We offer 24/7 phone support so you can schedule service fast.
  • Installations: A quality installation maximizes your cooling and heating efficiency and minimizes energy costs. Our team helps install new systems with precision.

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Best HVAC Service in North Port, FL

We are the go-to company in the region because of our commitment to service excellence, offering:

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Family-owned And Operated Company Since 2003.

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Our Core Values Include Commitment, Accountability And Honesty.

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Electric Services in North Port, FL

Strada Air Conditioning, Heating, Electric & Security provides various electrical services and repairs, including:

  • Panel upgrades: Your breaker box is essential to your home’s system. Our certified team will upgrade your panel, improving power supply and system safety.
  • Safety inspections: We verify the efficient operation of your electrical system to detect problems early and help you comply with safety standards.
  • Surge protection: Power surges cause damage to appliances. Our team will help reduce surge damage with industry-leading surge protection devices.

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Strada Air Conditioning, Heating, Electric & Security will help your cooling, heating and electrical systems operate at peak efficiency, saving you money and providing year-round comfort. Get started — schedule an appointment online.