3 Cooling Habits Every Homeowner Should Adopt

The summer heat can be brutal, which means everybody wants to come home to a cool living space. Fortunately, there are some cooling habits you can adopt to keep your Asheville, NC, home comfortable just the way you like it. Here are some practices to keep your air conditioner performing at peak efficiency:

Clean the Area Near Your Outdoor Unit

Your AC system’s outdoor unit is responsible for releasing the heat from your home. When grass, weeds and debris block your AC unit, they interfere with its functionality.

Cut any grass, weeds or shrubs growing near your outdoor AC unit. Also, rake any leaves that may have accumulated around, and don’t plant flowers near it.

Insulate Your System Ductwork

Your ductwork relays the conditioned air from your AC system to your home. Perforations on these structures may lead to the loss of some of the conditioned air. Your air conditioner will work overtime to make up for this lost conditioned air, inflating your energy bills.

Also, if the ducts pass in your basement or garage while exposed, the air passing through them may warm up before it gets to your rooms. Adding insulation to these structures will ensure you don’t have to pay extra cooling costs.

Replace Your AC Filter

Your AC filter maintains clean indoor air quality by catching contaminants such as debris, pollen and pet dander. When these pollutants accumulate on your AC component, they clog it. This makes it difficult for your AC system to pull air through it.

Consider changing the filter once every two to three months. You can set a reminder on your phone or note it down somewhere, so you don’t forget. A smart thermostat can provide these reminders automatically.

If you’re experiencing cooling problems in Asheville, NC, reach out to Strada Electric, Security & Air Conditioning for air conditioning services that will restore your system to peak efficiency. Our service technicians have the experience to conduct emergency AC repairs, installations and maintenance services.

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