How to Design and Install a Smarter Home Security System

Are you concerned about security at your Orlando, FL, home? Do you want a home security system to keep your family safe and give you peace of mind? Read on to learn more about the basics of designing and installing a smarter home security system.

Choose a Security System

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all security system. With so many options, you can design a security system that fits your needs. Here’s a brief overview of the two most popular types:

  • Smart security systems: These systems connect to the internet, and you access the various features using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Smart systems feature remote access control, intercoms, cameras and alarms. Some systems even integrate with other systems in your home like your HVAC system, lighting and garage door controls.
  • Wired security systems: You might think hardwired systems haven’t fallen out of popularity thanks to the rise of smart technology. Yet, many homeowners prefer wired systems because they’re not internet-dependent and experience fewer glitches or lapses.

You might think you have to choose between smart and wired, but the two systems can work together.

Choose the Right Placement

Regardless of which type of security system you choose, a good system gives you the freedom to walk around your home without worrying about triggering false alarms. At the same time, a well-designed system is always protecting your household. To ensure your family’s safety, you want to design your system to protect points of entry and install sensors or alarms in these areas. You should install the following types of sensors:

  • Door sensors.
  • Window sensors.
  • Breaking glass sensors.
  • Motion detection sensors.

Every door and window should have a sensor installed. You want to install glass breaking sensors on entry doors such as sliding glass doors, first-story windows, basement windows and any door where breaking the glass would give the burglar access unlock the door.

Work with Professional Home Security Installers

Designing and installing a smarter home security system starts with hiring the right people. Call Strada Electric, Security & Air Conditioning to discuss all your residential security options.

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