Why is AC Maintenance So Important for Your Air Conditioner

Have you been neglecting air conditioner maintenance? Are you doing the bare minimum, such as only changing the filter? Here’s why professional AC maintenance is essential to your home’s comfort and safety in Pensacola, FL:

Improve AC Efficiency

How well you maintain your air conditioner impacts its performance. When air conditioners run at optimum capacity, they conserve energy. For example, regular filter changes lower energy consumption by as much as 15%. But there’s more to AC maintenance than filter changes. Thorough cleaning of cooling coils, blades and the condensate drain also increases efficiency. Not only will you notice better performance with preventive maintenance, but you’ll enjoy lower utility bills.

Prevent an Early AC Replacement

Air conditioner replacements are expensive. The good news is that well-maintained AC units can last as long as 10-15 years without major repairs or performance issues. During professional AC maintenance, professionals can lubricate bearings, oil the motor, measure airflow, check refrigerant, fix loose electrical
connections and make minor repairs.

Breathe Easier in Your Home

Dirty filters and coils affect your home’s indoor air quality and worsen allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues. AC maintenance, such as evaporator and condenser coil cleaning, prevents dirty particles from being distributed throughout your home. If you notice your home is dustier than usual, your AC unit and ductwork are probably in need of a good cleaning. We offer duct cleaning and sealing services that can help.

Hire Us for Annual AC Maintenance

Regular filter changes and hosing off the outdoor condenser unit to keep it clean are two examples of air conditioning maintenance you can easily do. Yet, to achieve peak performance and prevent costly repairs or replacements, you must schedule AC maintenance. Call Strada Electric, Security & Air Conditioning today to learn more about the benefits of air conditioning maintenance.

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