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Our team at Strada Air Conditioning and Heating appreciates the value of a well-maintained cooling system, especially in hot Southern states. We can serve all your air conditioning needs, from a yearly visit to check your equipment's health to a complete system replacement. We work on central air conditioning units and ductless systems for local homeowners and some small businesses.

Keep Your Home or Business Cool

Florida air conditioner services keep your home or business comfortable, even on the hottest, most humid days. Maintenance can prepare your system for a hot season, and repairs save the day when an air conditioner breaks down suddenly. Beyond keeping a home cool, servicing an air conditioner offers the following benefits:

  • Keeping your home safe from electrical hazards and leaking refrigerant
  • Improving your indoor air quality
  • Providing better energy efficiency
  • Making your equipment last longer in better condition

Routine Maintenance Visits

You should schedule maintenance every year before the spring and summer heat to ensure your air conditioning can handle heavy use during the warmer months. Our visits involve:

  • Cleaning: Technicians clean the main return grille, clean and flush condensate lines, spray indoor coil with a disinfectant spray, clean condenser coil with water, and remove debris from the outdoor unit.
  • Inspection: We check all electrical and mechanical components and replace anything damaged.
  • Measuring: Our crews record amperage on compressor and fan motors, capacitor readings and refrigerant charge.

We also offer two levels of plans which provide benefits like discounts on replacement parts when we service your air conditioner.

Repairs for Breakdowns

We can also visit your home or business in emergencies when your air conditioner stops working. You might notice symptoms like:

  • Warm air
  • Weak airflow
  • Loud noises
  • Drastic energy cost increases
  • Leaks or moisture

We'll repair your equipment promptly to get you out of the Florida heat. With 24-hour phone support, we're available to schedule an appointment whenever you call.

New Equipment Installation

After about 10 years, your air conditioning starts losing functionality, and you might consider replacing it. You might also seek to install new equipment in addition to your home or office. Our team does more than remove old equipment and replace it with a new unit. We also assess the size of your space and discuss additional features like smart controls.

Get More With Strada Air Conditioning and Heating

Our business is more than your average local air conditioner service company. Our experience has made us experts in handling all your air conditioning service needs. Our technicians also hold North American Technical Excellence (NATE) certifications. We have extensive training on the equipment we service and stay up to date with changes happening in the industry.

Beyond offering technical expertise, we also provide friendly service. Our team members take the time to explain how the equipment works so you can operate it on your own. We also offer specials to make our services more affordable.

Beat the Heat With Air Conditioner Servicing

There's nothing better than a cool room on a hot day, and Strada Air Conditioning and Heating can ensure your home or business always stays comfortable. Contact us online to schedule a repair, maintenance visit or new equipment installation.

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