EV Charging Station Installation in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville & Surrounding Areas

Electric Charging Station

More people are investing in electric vehicles to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels and lower their carbon footprint. Have you recently purchased an electric vehicle for personal use? Or you might have a fleet of electric vehicles for your business in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville or the surrounding areas. The next step is to invest in a powerful EV charging installation for your home or commercial facility. Strada Electric, Security & Air Conditioning can install your electric vehicle charging station correctly.

Choose the Best EV Charging Installation for Your Home or Business

Deciding which type of electric vehicle charger will work most effectively requires professional help. That way, you avoid long wait times and stress. Our service technicians know how to determine what kind of EV charging installation you need to maximize efficiency and minimize delays. We’ll perform a load calculation to find your electric vehicle’s electrical load. Next, we’ll measure the amperage needed and ensure your home or business has the necessary infrastructure to handle the EV charging station. We carry state-of-the-art EV charging stations that provide consistent and long-lasting power.

EV Charging Stations in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville & Surrounding Areas

When searching for an electric vehicle charging station supplier and installer, you can’t go wrong when you choose Strada Electric, Security & Air Conditioning for the job. We go the extra mile to meet your EV charging needs and satisfy your request.

Hire Us for Your Business or Home EV Charging Installation

When you hire a company to install your business or home EV charging station, you expect and hope to receive a quality product and exceptional workmanship. Strada Electric, Security & Air Conditioning provides that every time we complete an EV charging installation. Here’s why home and business owners hire us for the project:

  • Family-owned and operated EV charging installation company.
  • Our core values include commitment, accountability and honesty.
  • Promise peace of mind to our customers with responsive service.
  • Offer the best EV charging stations and installation services in the industry.
  • Perform each EVC charging installation with the highest level of knowledge.
  • Keep our employees happy so that you always get their best.
  • Communicate every step of the way and listen to the needs of our customers.

To schedule an EV charging installation in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville or the surrounding areas, contact Strada Electric, Security & Air Conditioning. We’re standing by to help power your electric vehicle so that it’s always ready to drive when you need it.

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