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Home Security

Whether at home or at work, safety and security are top priorities. As our company’s name suggests, Strada Electric, Security & Air Conditioning offers a wide range of security services and systems that give you peace of mind. Founded in 2003, we’re a family-owned and operated security company, and we know what our customers need to feel safe and secure inside their home and businesses. We promise to perform our jobs with the highest level of experience and knowledge, ensuring you always get our very best.

Emergency, Parking Lot and Site Lighting Services

Lighting helps brighten dark spaces so that they feel safe, alerting you of any dangers so you can act quickly. Strada Electric, Security & Air Conditioning knows how to complete emergency, parking lots and site lighting installations and repairs. We’ll make sure your property’s lights work effectively, helping to keep you and anyone else safe.

Home Automation and Home Security Services

If you want to install a residential home security system, we’re the team to call. We carry and install home security products for every property type and budget. We also specialize in home automation installations and repairs. After we leave your home or business, you’ll feel like your property is a fortress. You can trust us for quality work.

Backup Generator and Surge Protection Services

Surge protection helps protect your valuable electrical appliances and devices, while backup generators keep your power on when there’s an outage in the area. Strada Electric, Security & Air Conditioning offers all the backup generators and surge protection services you need to ensure your property’s electrical system always runs effectively.

Schedule a Safety Inspection for Your Home or Business

Protecting your safety and security requires that you find dangers before they pose a threat to your health and comfort. During a safety inspection, Strada Electric, Security & Air Conditioning can find any problems within your property and resolve them on the spot. We communicate clearly, remain transparent and listen to the needs of our customers.

Offering Security Services and Systems to These Areas

Protecting as many people as possible is our mission. That’s why Strada Electric, Security & Air Conditioning provides security services in so many areas, including:




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