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Utility Installations for Residential Construction in Greenville, SC

As more and more families and young adults decide that Greenville, South Carolina, is the place to start their lives, residential construction teams are facing a dilemma — how can you build the homes, apartments, condos and other living spaces on time and with all the necessary utilities? You already have an excellent construction team ready to take care of the basics, but when it comes to jobs like electrical and plumbing installations, you need an expert who can keep up with your demands.

Strada Services is the clear choice for all your utility needs. We have professional electricians, plumbers and HVAC professionals prepared to take on any job in the area. Out teams love taking on new challenges and getting the chance to make a difference in the homes of our future neighbors.

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What We Do

From the first installation through all repairs and maintenance, Strada Services will be there through it all. We’ve spent decades gaining on-the-job experience in working with new, quality materials and repairing older models, so we’re ready to handle anything we encounter on your job site.

Air Conditioning

Everyone wants their home to be a breath of fresh air, a place where they can take a deep breath and relax, and with Strada’s air conditioning services, they can. We install industry-leading filtration devices that are proven to remove dirt, pollen and other allergens from the air. In combination with our air conditioning services, we can make any home the most comfortable place to be at any time of year.


No home is complete without a powerful electric system to keep it running. We use the latest innovations in electrical technology to make the property compatible with a range of smart connections. Furthermore, we implement features like outlet surge protection and eco-friendly LED lighting to maintain safety and efficiency long after we’re finished.


Strada’s comprehensive plumbing services ensure that any home has water and sewer connections in the places they matter most. We install everything from toilets to water heaters and run the necessary piping throughout the entire home, using the best tools and equipment to make sure our work is of the high quality that homebuyers deserve. As an essential part of everyday activities like bathing, washing dishes and doing laundry, we prioritize creating a functional and compliant system that will last for generations to come.

The Strada Advantage

Are you a residential building expert in need of utility installations? You oughta call Strada! Our streamlined installation services are just the start of how we can help. Our support representatives are available for your call 24/7, and from the moment we arrive on your job site, we’ll work with your teams to develop a plan that’s as efficient and effective as possible.

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Our Core Values Include Commitment, Accountability And Honesty.

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Since 2003, Strada Services has been the go-to for residential construction teams in and around Greenville, SC. When you’re trying to bring a beautiful property to life, make Strada a part of your plans, starting today. Contact us for a consultation to learn more about how we can help your team.