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Building Services for Huntsville, AL Homes

Construction in new residential spaces requires many moving parts, and Strada Air Conditioning, Heating, Electric & Security is here to help ease some of the burden. We’ve spent decades working in Huntsville, Alabama, and the surrounding areas, ensuring professional builders know they have experts they can rely on. If your residential construction company is looking for help setting up plumbing, electrical services or HVAC in homes, hire Strada today.

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Cooling, Heating and Air Quality

Summers in Alabama demand a strong air conditioning system and other air quality measures that keep allergens at bay. Strada’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) services ensure that every new home in the area has the means of keeping its occupants healthy and comfortable year-round.

We offer a selection of the latest air conditioners and filtration systems from industry-leading brands. All our options were hand-chosen for their quality, performance and energy efficiency, ensuring any space stays cool with minimal electric use. When installed with our expertise, these products will save homeowners money and extend the system’s life span.

The Advantages of Strada Services

When you need professionals with on-the-job knowledge and 24/7 phone support, you oughta call Strada! Our licensed and bonded organization chooses our technicians carefully to maintain our commitment to quality work and impeccable customer service. We are available around the clock to hear your concerns and schedule service as soon as possible.

We come to every job prepared to handle all your electrical, plumbing and air quality needs so you can bring beautiful and fully compliant homes to life. We will work side by side with other contractors to integrate our services seamlessly into your team’s construction plan.

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Electrical Installations

Electric makes the rest of our services possible. It can also be one of the most challenging — and crucial — parts of construction to get right. Strada’s technicians take care to maintain safety throughout our entire installation process, working with the quality tools and equipment we need to install things properly.

Our residential installations offer the latest technology, outfitting spaces with features such as LED lighting, outlet protection against surges and inclement weather and smart home upgrades. Our indoor and outdoor lighting professionals will make sure electricity connections reach everywhere they need to to keep up with the world’s ever-increasing technology use.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing systems play a much larger role in a household than most people think. They include both the water and sewage lines and regularly interact with electrical and gas lines to enable hot water production and other necessary functions. Strada’s comprehensive plumbing services cover entire house piping projects, water heater and tank installations. We also do repairs and maintenance, which have helped us gain experience to apply to every new job.

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If your residential construction company is looking to hire technicians to set up plumbing, electrical services, or HVAC, contact Strada today so we can learn more about the project and start working with your team right away.