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Commercial Backup Generators

Your business never has to be disrupted by power outages. Strada Electric, Security, Air Conditioning & Heating installs commercial backup generators to help you remain powered up and operational, whether there is a system failure or outage due to bad weather. Protect your stock, keep the lights on and maintain comfortable indoor temperatures with a backup generator.

A permanently installed commercial backup generator connects to your electrical system. Should the power go out, your generator will start  — no need to manually switch it on or find fuel to power up.

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Benefits of Commercial Backup Generator

When the power goes off, your business must stay operational with an alternative power source. Whether you’re a retailer, manufacturer, restaurant owner, school administrator or work for another commercial entity, you can benefit from a commercial generator that will:

  • Keep your lighting and security system up: Your business may need to close during a power outage or storm. Still, you benefit from keeping your lights on and your security system operational.
  • Safeguard your electronic data: Technology and data are essential to every business, but your phone systems, computers, machinery and registers may need a network connection. However, sudden power outages can also cause data loss, and backup generators can keep your systems functional and protected.
  • Provide a comfortable environment for customers and employees: You want your business to be comfortable and safe. A backup generator ensures heat pumps, air conditioning, lights, safety alarms and elevators run as they should.
  • Keep goods from spoiling: Businesses dealing with items that can spoil, like food or vaccines, need power to keep products at the correct temperatures. You can save thousands of dollars by having backup power in these instances.
  • Monitor water levels: Your building may have a sewage or sump pump, which must remain operational to keep your basement from flooding and prevent water damage. A backup power supply helps support the pumps.

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Commercial Backup Power Generators vs. Portable Generators

There are significant differences between a permanent backup generator and a portable generator.

  • Are permanently installed with protective outer layers
  • Connect to your system
  • Run automatically
  • Use natural gas or liquid propane
  • May power the entire electrical system, depending on their size
  • Are compact and mobile
  • Are not connected to your system
  • Require proper storage
  • Need a manual start
  • Use gasoline
  • Can power selected items

Quality Backup Generator for Business Installers

Strada Electric, Security, Air Conditioning & Heating has decades of experience. Our family-owned and operated business offers expert backup generator installations for commercial properties. Our knowledgeable and certified electricians can help you decide which backup generator is best for your business.

We also offer prompt electrical repairs and various other services with expert recommendations and installations.

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We have used Strada Electric for all our electrical needs. Their electrician Pedro is absolutely great to work with and has already installed several lights throughout our home. Recently we added a Mini Split A/C in our garage & Pedro also did the electrical portion of the install as well as another Strada Team of gentlemen that came out and installed the air conditioner. The Strada Team for the Air Conditioning install were extremely professional and great to work. This installation was worth every penny does not make a sound and the electricity it uses is equivalent to what a fan uses. This install is an absolute game changer to the garage! We are very grateful to Strada Electric!! Thank Kenneth & Sally for organizing this install, this is a great Team!! Thank you all!! Maria & Allan

Maria Polanco

Al has done most of the repairs and enhancements since we moved here 2014. The latest was a wall outlet that sparked and was loose in the wall. Also had an aged outlet in laundry room that we weren’t sure worked safely. Always pleasant, professional and thorough, Al has conquered our new ceiling fans, 30 amp RV monster outlet and exhaust fan/light in our bathrooms! We don’t need to look elsewhere for any electrical work! Thank you!

Bryan Baxter

We had a great experience with everyone at Strada. They came over to do an estimate for AC in our warehouse. They completed the job faster than expected. They were all professional and a pleasure to work with. I will definitely use them again for my home and office.

Pat Petito

Everything installed perfectly and seamlessly by Luis Vazquez from Strada Services. We were able to schedule the installation appointment in advance of our closing which was helpful. Luis arrived exactly on time with a friendly smile and diligently spent hours installing monitoring keypads, smoke detector and doorbell. I got the full service. Luis was very patient, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He explained all the features of the products installed and made sure we were all on board with the system. He even made sure we knew how to reach him if we had any issues in future. I highly recommend Strada Services for your security needs and ask for Luis to install it. He is great!!!

Emmie Lee

I started using Strada electric on my new home and the experience so far has been great. We had the security system installed today and the technician, Luis Vazquez, who came by the house was great! Very knowledgeable and patient while explaining how to use the system. I will definitively recommend the company. I would suggest to ask for Greg Fedorowicz and Luis Vazquez.


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Our commercial generator installation services will give you peace of mind knowing that you are prepared should power outages happen. Keep the lights on, your premises safe and your business operational during power failures.