Generac Backup Home Generator FAQs

Strada Electric, Security, Air Conditioning & Heating is a proud authorized dealer of Generac home backup generators. Generac residential systems are known as the best nationwide, so we install them exclusively. Find a few of your Generac whole-house backup generator FAQs answered below.

An automatic backup generator supports your electrical system. Should there be a grid outage, the generator powers up within seconds without you switching it on. It uses natural gas or propane, and we install it outside your home, like a central AC unit.

A portable generator is not automatic. You need to refuel and move it in place, switching it on and off. An automated home generator instantly detects an outage and switches on. It also switches off once power is restored.

Automatic generators are more cost-effective to run, don’t need to be refueled or lugged around and are deemed the safer option by the American Red Cross.

Generac is a world-renowned backup generator industry leader, operating since 1959. They are the preferred brand for home generators, and Strada Electric, Security, Air Conditioning & Heating exclusively uses Generac for their systems’ quality and reliability.

No. It is beneficial as a backup but not cost-effective to use full-time.

The best way to ensure excellent performance is to get a free home assessment. Experienced professionals can talk through what you see as essential systems. Do you need the lights on or want your whole house powered up? An expert will help you get the right size for your space and power needs.

Like all home essential systems, backup generators need periodic maintenance to change oil and filters. You can request an annual maintenance schedule with your installer to ensure your system works efficiently.

Generac home generators have overload protection and your circuit breaker will trip. Simply fix the overload and reset the breaker.

Strada Electric, Security, Air Conditioning & Heating will assist you. Call our team at 833-539-7800 whenever you need us, and our 24/7 support team will schedule a visit. We can also guide you with oil, battery and other system queries.

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