Choosing the Right Generator for Your Business: Automatic or Manual Switch

Having power can be crucial to many businesses, so in situations where power has gone out, owners want to have a backup plan. Buying a generator is the perfect solution to this problem. When searching for the right generator, business owners often want to know which is best: automatic or manual transfer switch. Unfortunately, there isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question. The decision may be based upon what kind of business you have and the electrical requirements of each generator type. Strada Electric an Orlando electric company, has broken down the pros and cons of both generators to help you decide which generator your business requires.

Automatic Pros

Having a generator with automatic transfer enables owners to keep it on standby. Since the generator is on standby, it’s always ready to switch on in the case of a power outage. If your business is completely reliant on power, then having an automatic transfer for your generator is the best choice.

Automatic Cons

A big issue with automatic transfer is that designing and installing the generator is costly. The fact that automatic transfer switches are so good at kicking on the second power goes out is something that manual generators can’t compete with. The problem is they’re more expensive than manuals, and this typically becomes the deciding factor when choosing between the two. That’s why the Orlando electric experts at Strada Electric advise business owners to figure out if installing an automatic generator is worth it and absolutely necessary for your business.

Manual Pros

Generators with a manual transfer switch aren’t nearly as expensive as automatic generators. Because these generators are typically smaller in size, there isn’t as much difficulty in designing or installing them. Plus, because of their size, they can be manufactured faster than automatic transfer generators.

Manual Cons

The biggest disadvantage to manual generators is how long it takes to connect the generator to the power supply. The longer it takes your business to get power back, the more money it could end up losing. That’s why the type of business you run will strongly influence the decision you make. If you can afford to wait for the power to start up, then a manual transfer switch is just the kind of generator you’re looking for.

The biggest deciding factor in choosing a manual or automatic switch generator will be your individual business’s needs. Businesses that must always have power, like aquariums, hospitals, etc. should really consider how things will go if their power goes out only for a little while. Also, businesses that think they can work with a manual switch should consider if their time without power is possibly costing them any money. The decision can be difficult to make, so call Strada Electric, the Orlando electric pros, at 877-906-1113 for any questions you have regarding any electrical needs.

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