Strada Electric Opens New Electric Shop Location in Port Saint Lucie Community

Strada Electric is a leader in the home services industry providing more than 10 years of electrical service to the state of Florida. Joe Strada, President, and CEO of Strada Electric & Security was in attendance at the new Strada Electric shop location in Port Saint Lucie, FL on May 1. This new location will act as a warehouse and will also house a local dispatch center to ensure their field technicians can deliver professional and responsive service to their customers in the Port Saint Lucie area. Additionally, they are using their own security systems IR (infrared) and DVR camera system to protect the safety of their staff and building.

“We are very excited to launch another dispatch center and hire locally for such a great community such as Port Saint Lucie,” said Chris Jensen, COO of Strada Electric & Security. “Being a part of this community already by wiring homes, it is the best practice to hire local workers from the area while adding and expanding to the Strada Electric & Security team. We are proud to be a permanent resident of Port Saint Lucie.”

Their new location also means the hiring of local employees. The local dispatch center requires several positions to operate such as a manager, supervisors, QA Techs, Home Service Professionals and Residential Electricians. Strada Electric team is looking forward to growing into their new location by adding up to 40 jobs and providing the Port Saint Lucie with reliability, respect, and value. For more information about the new Port Saint Lucie location, visit

About On Strada Electric

Strada Electric was co-founded by Joe Strada in 2003. Strada Electric & Security is in the “peace of mind” business, offering expert security and electric talent for home and business solutions, leveraging our experience to deliver professional and responsive service with uncompromising reliability, respect, and value.

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