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An outdoor security lighting system can beautify and secure your property, helping you to enhance your home or commercial building's appearance while ensuring visibility. Strada Electric, Security, Air Conditioning & Heating has the experience and expertise to install, maintain and repair residential and commercial lighting systems.

Enjoy the Benefits of Outdoor Security Lights

A security lighting system can benefit both residential and commercial spaces, improving safety for homeowners and their families as well as businesses and their employees and customers.

Lighting systems offer many advantages in addition to safety, such as:

  • Improved visibility: A bright lighting system around your home will make your backyard parties more enjoyable. For commercial spaces such as offices or parking lots, adequate lighting will make outdoor areas easier for employees and customers to navigate.
  • Greater peace of mind: You can rest easy at night knowing your property has extra protection from a security lighting system. Your security lights will help you find ways to better protect your home or business.
  • Increased value: Installing security lights around your home will increase property value. For commercial buildings, reliable lighting systems will help customers feel more secure, leading to greater trust and loyalty to drive value for your business.

Invest in Our Outdoor Lighting Services

Our expert lighting technicians can design, install and maintain your outdoor security lighting system to maximize the safety and beauty of your property. We offer several extensive security systems and 24/7 monitoring solutions to ensure effectiveness and functionality.

A few of the lighting solutions we can install include:

Solar Lights

We offer several solar lighting options to help you ease your energy use, beautify your property and increase your security. Solar lights will charge throughout the day to provide energy-efficient illumination at night.

LED Lights

Install bright, energy-efficient LED lights around your property to illuminate your outdoor living space. They will improve visibility and security for your safety and outdoor enjoyment.

Motion-Activated Systems

Our technicians can install a lighting system that automatically clicks on when it senses motion, improving your property's security. It only draws power when it turns on to save you energy and money.

Combination Lights

This lighting system stays on continuously, getting brighter when motion is detected. It uses little power on its low setting and kicks into high intensity only when needed.

Let the Professionals Install Security Lights in Your Outdoor Space

Strada Electric, Security, Air Conditioning & Heating has provided expert safety solutions for home and business owners since 2003. Our professional technicians bring years of experience, industry knowledge and quality equipment to ensure your property is protected and well-maintained.

As your local lighting and security experts, we provide the convenient and beneficial services you need to improve your property. A few benefits you'll enjoy when you work with us include:

  • Quick and efficient electrical repairs
  • Responsive services
  • Attentive customer support
  • Honest solutions
  • Affordable pricing

Contact Us for Help Installing Your Outdoor Security Lighting

Schedule an appointment today to work on your outdoor lighting system with the dedicated experts at Strada Electric, Security, Air Conditioning & Heating. Call our team or contact us online to learn more about our outdoor security lighting services.

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