Why Back-Up Generators are So Vital for Florida Homeowners

Living with the risk of hurricanes and tropical storms is a way of life for Tampa, FL, residents. Preparing for these storms means preparing for power outages. Permanent back-up generators keep homes powered until the electric company restores power. Keep reading to learn more about why a residential generator is a good idea for your home.

Save Money on Lodging and Food

Costs associated with power outages add up fast. You don’t realize how much money a power outage wastes until you have a refrigerator full of spoiled food. If you’re without power for days, you might decide to stay at a hotel. Wouldn’t you prefer to stay in your home and not have to worry about your food going bad or wasting money on hotel rooms? Back-up generators kick on when the main power source goes out to keep your home powered.

Prevent Water Damage

Does your home have a sump pump installed to prevent flooding during severe storms? A sump pump gives you peace of mind, but only if it’s working. Like most appliances in your home, sump pumps rely on electricity. Sump pumps offer no protection when the power’s out. Invest in a generator to keep the pump running and prevent water damage repairs.

Stay Comfortable and Cool in the Home

Loss of power means no air conditioning. After a storm, it doesn’t take long for the heat and humidity to return. Staying inside a home with rising temperatures isn’t only uncomfortable. It’s downright dangerous. Generators keep your cooling system working without skipping a beat.

Power Lifesaving Medical Equipment

Does anyone in your household use medical equipment such as breathing machines, power wheelchairs or home dialysis equipment? If so, you know the direness of a power outage. A back-up generator becomes more than a convenient appliance. It’s a life-saving piece of equipment.

Make sure your power stays on regardless of the weather to keep your household protected. Learn more about the benefits of back-up generators. Call Strada Electric, Security & Air Conditioning today!

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